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The Three Wise Guys (The Nativity 2004)

Arts Management Review Europe

Andrea has written an article on attempting to make intercultural theatre in Northern Ireland for the European Arts Management Review.  You can access the article at here

Launching a Book of Andrea's Cartoons

Andrea Montgomery will be launching her first book of cartoons at the East Side Arts Festival on August 5th, 2018.  Join Andrea and Anthony Toner for a glass of wine at the East Side Visitor Center from 5pm. Admission is free. 

Queens Global Shakespeare Conference

Belfast's Queens University will be hosting a global Shakespeare conference June 14-16 2018.  Andrea Montgomery will be speaking about the work she undertook on the Belfast Tempest for the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare's death in 2016.

Funding Secured for Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream

Andrea Montgomery has secured PEACE IV funding from Europe to direct Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream in Ards and North Down in May 2019 for Terra Nova Productions.  This year long project will offer 500 opportunities to people in 8 TSN (high deprivation index areas) as well as close to 100 hours of engagement each to 150 citizens across the Borough.  They will be joining more than 30 professional artists from around the globe to stage the Dream Project.

Maggie Yer Ma - Directing to Great Reviews

Maggie Yer Ma, directed by Andrea Montgomery (written by Leesa Harker and starring Caroline Curran) has opened at Belfast to great reviews.  The production is completing two weeks at Belfast Grand Opera House before touring across Northern Ireland.

Me You Us Them - Writing and Directing My New Play

Andrea Montgomery's new play, Me You Us Them, gets its first full staging with a Northern Irish tour in March of 2018.  The work celebrates a milestone for Terra Nova, the intercultural theatre company Montgomery founded 10 years ago, this two hander engages with the issue of race in Northern Ireland in a funny and heart-felt way.

Two Maggie Muff Projects Coming Up - 2018

This spring Montgomery will be directing two projects for Leesa Harker and Red Brick Road: the remount of Maggie's Feg Run at the MAC in Feb 2018 and the new Maggie, Yer Ma for the Belfast Grand Opera House and tour in June 2018. Andrea says: 'does make me happy that one of Belfast's most iconic female characters is directed by someone who is secretly Canadian'.

Remount of Terra Nova's Third Arrivals Project

Terra Nova Productions is going to remount Andrea Montgomery's Mi Mundo script in March 2017.  The immersive production, directed by Tom Finlay, will run in Belfast, Antrim, Ards and Lisburn in March 2017, an appearance in Stormont is being negotiated.  Northern Ireland Comedienne Nuala McKeever is confirmed to play the MC role in this immersive three hander, written in Spanish and English.

Maggie's Feg Run - Belfast Grand Opera House

Andrea Montgomery has been confirmed as the director of the third part of this outstanding Belfast Comedy by Leesa Harker, starring Caroline Curran.  The project will premiere at the Belfast Grand Opera House in July 2016, prior to a Northern Ireland tour.

Belfast Tempest - Global Shakespeare 400th Anniversary Celebration

Directed by Andrea Montgomery and staged by five partners lead by Terra Nova Productions, the Belfast Tempest is an extraordinary adaptation of Shakespeare's play to be performed by 200 people during the week of Shakespeare's 400th Anniversary, April 20-23, 2016. 

Staged in-the-round with live music composed and played especially for the production, 3d holographic sound created by a world renowned sound artist, dance from around the world, a choir, a community acting cast, intercultural groups from across the city, drummers and bands from both traditional and international traditions, all set in the giant industrial cathedral that is T13, Northern Irish audiences will have a rare opportunity to experience both a site-specific Shakespeare on a grand scale.

Mi Mundo - The Arrivals 3 Roadshow Successful Tour

Andrea Montgomery's script Mi Mundo, based on the 33000 real life immigration cases of British Citizens unable to bring non-EU husbands, wives and children to the UK under 2012 legislation, has just completed a successful tour of Belfast and Northern Ireland.  A complete immersive production, directed by Tom Finlay, with 3D Holographic sound by Gus Leudar, this bilingual English and Spanish three-hander, was received as an emotional tour-de-force.

The Belfast Tempest Goes Ahead in 2016

Andrea Montgomery will be directing Terra Nova Productions' large-scale, site specifiic production of the Tempest in T13 warehouse down on the Belfast docks in honour of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Funded by Creative and Cultural Belfast, a large-scale fund created by the City and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, this project will feature input by 200 Belfast citizens joining a professional cast.

Twin Remounts of Dirty Dancin' In Le Shebeen Coming Up In 2015.

This Red Brick Road Productions show, staring Caroline Curran and directed by Andrea Montgomery in spring 2014 is set for two different remounts in 2015.  The Northern Irish Production will be stage at the Belfast MAC and on tour across NI in January 2015, and a Scottish version will be launched in Inverness and Glasgow in April 2015 prior to an eight week tour.

Arrivals2 Launches With Terra Nova Productions

After securing funding from seven different supporters, Andrea's intercultural theatre company, Terra Nova Productions, has launched its second Arrivals project.  Designed to develop new writing for the professional Northern Irish stage, the production will feature a complex community development programme and three weeks of touring across Northern Ireland in March 2015.

Back At the Mill for Christmas 2014

Andrea Montgomery has been invited to return to the Theatre at the Mill as director of the Christmas 2014 production, 'Slimmer for Christmas'.  Written by Leesa Harker, with whom Montgomery has already worked on 'Dirty Dancin' In Le Shebeen', this is Andrea's sixth project for Theatre at the Mill.

A Commercial Hit - Run Away Sales at the Grand Opera House

In March and April Andrea will be directing 'Dirty Dancin at le Shebeen' for Red Brick Lane Productions, at the Grand Opera House, Belfast.  'Dirty Dancin' is a one-woman comedy starring Caroline Curran, written and produced by Leesa Harker.  The play is currently enjoyingsome of the largest pre-sales in the history of the Grand Opera House. The production previews on the 7th of April, opens on the 9th, and plays several weeks at the Grand Opera House before embarking on a tour.

Directing Arrivals for Terra Nova Productions 

In January 2014 Andrea Montgomery directed a new production, Arrivals, for Terra Nova Productions, Northern Ireland's only professional intercultural theatre company.  Arrivals is actually five pieces of theatre, developed with the help of Northern Ireland's multicultural citizens, written for four multicultural actors, and presented in a single night, with music by Anthony Toner. The show is something of a departure for the mainstream professional stage in Northern Ireland and has garnered significant praise.  Read the Culture NI review here: Arrivals Review. The work is taking place against a backdrop of hate crime in East Belfast, where Terra Nova is based, and on-line racist attacks against MLA Anna Lo, Terra Nova Productions' patron and supporter. Arrivals is playing Belfast, Ards, Coleraine, Armagh and Downpatrick.

Back at Theatre at the Mill for Christmas 2013

Andrea Montgomery is back at the Theatre at the Mill this winter with a witty, adult-oriented comedy called Eternally Scrooged.  Co-written with husband Anthony Toner, this adaptation of a  Christmas Carol stars Nuala McKeever as Evangeline Scroogé, the romance writer with the heart of stone and Caroline Curran as her long suffering girl Friday Bobbi Crachet, who nurtures a secret crush on Tiny Tim, the handsome bike courier. The Ghosts are based on clichés from the world of romance, including Abigail McGibbon's braw bonnie Scots lass direct from the world of the tartan bodice-ripper as the Ghost of Christmas Present. The production, which Andrea is also directing, begins rehearsal on Nov 25th, and runs from Dec 16 2013 to Jan 5, 2014.

New Work for Pick 'n' Mix - MAC Belfast

Spring Lane productions has just commissioned Andrea Montgomery to script-edit and direct Poraig Coyle's new play Mixed Messages, about Northern Irish football and war hero Alex Moore, starring Shaun Blaney , for the Belfast's newest venue, the Cathedral Quarter based MAC.

New Musical Workshopped at the Theatre at the Mill Newtownabbey

Bernard Clarkson, Director of the Theatre at the MillNewtownabbey, recently commissioned Andrea Montgomery and Wilson Sheildsto workshop Behind The Dream over Easter 2013.  Working with local and London artists Andrea lead the week-long develppment project.

Andrea Montgomery Writes & Performs for Shakespeare's Sisters

New Belfast Theatre Company 'Fickle Favours' created to promote work by and for women in theatre has launched with a serious of pieces by women writers for Shakespeare's female characters.  Andrea Montgomery wrote and performed in a praiseworthy piece based on Paulina & Hermione (read the CultureNI review).  The next performance of the Shakespeare's Sisters poject will be at Down Arts Centre on the 1st of June.

Working with the National Theatre of Greenland June 2013

Andrea Montgomery has been invited to work with the newly formed National Theatre of Greenland in June of 2013.  She also joining her on the trip will be her co-producer on All At Once I Saw A Crowd, Sarah Davey of Bold & Saucy Theatre Company and Central School of Speech and Drama.

Artist In Residence April 2013 - Gateway Theatre, Richmond, British Columbia

Andrea Montgomery has been invited to be the Artist-in-Residence at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond BCin April 2013.  Richmond is part of the great Vancouver area in Western Canada.  The area is a multi-cultural mosaic, witha large Cantonese speaking population, something with special resonance for Montgomery, whose play All At Once I Saw A Crowd is set in Hong Kong, Belfast and Greenland.

Ms Montgomery will work on the play with local actors, will offer master classes, and will work with young people in the Gateway's Theatre programme. 

All At Once I Saw A Crowd on Nick Darke Award Shortlist

Andrea Montgomery's Cantonese and English language play-in-development All At Once I Saw A Crowd is one of eight scripts for radio, film, theatre and TV from across the UK and Ireland short-listed for this prestigious, environmentally themed writing award.

The award comes with prize-money of six thousand pounds and the winner will be announced in a ceremony in Falmouth on the 6th of October 2012.

All At Once I Saw A Crowd is set in Belfast, Greenland, London and Hong Kong, and spans six hundred years, addressing the problem of the global population explosion.  Ms Montgomery has been supported in the development of the script by artists and scientists from nine countries.