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I run workshops for students, children, fellow artists.  The topics I teach include:

  • writing
  • performing (everything from understanding text through physical theatre skills)
  • improv
  • directing
  • voice
  • audition skills

I always tailor each workshop to the requirements of the group I am teaching. Please get in touch to discuss your needs. Below are some examples of workshops I have taught in the past.

  • Making the Personal Public on Stage

    Subtitled "Selling Your Grandma" this one day workshop in script development teaches students who have not written before how to turn their own experiences into scripted material (developed with playwright Stephanie Young).  Click on the title to read the full workshop contents.

  • Audition Workshop

    This one-day workshop aims to give participants an insight into what works and what doesn't in auditions.  Click on the title to read the workshop notes.

  • Introduction to Directing DRA304M2

    This page contains all of the course notes and some downloads for my section of the 2007 second year directing module at UU Magee, Derry. Browsing through it will give you a good idea of my teaching style. Click on the title above to access the information.